Genealogy Information for the
George and Ann Prior Jarvis Family

    A couple of comments about George Jarvis and his family. First, there has been some confusion about whether or not George Jarvis had the middle name Franklin. I think that the question has been answered by Amy Tanner Thiriot. See Did George Jarvis have a middle name? He apparently did not.

    Second, there is the question of his sealing to Mary Webb. I have lately found some reliable evidence of this sealing. The first is from the records of the St. George Temple, the second is from the Ann Prior Jarvis Journal, Book C.

    On the New Family Search site, I found the following documentation of a sealing between George Jarvis and Mary Webb in the St. George Temple on 4 April 1878:
        "Sealing to spouse [Mary Webb]: 4 April 1878
        St. George Utah Temple
        Contributor: LDS Church Temple Records
        Source: Source type: Other, Repository name: The Temples of
        The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
        Repository city: Salt Lake City, Repository state: UT,
        Repository country: USA, Repository postal code: 84150,
        Event date: 18 Mar 2007, LDS temple record number: 856127520,
        Contributor: TEMPLE, Contributor of repository: DATA_ADMIN"

    Also, in Ann Prior Jarvis' Journal, Book C are copies of Patriarchal blessings for members of the family. Copies of the pages from this journal have been added to the Family Association Picasa picture site, Jarvis Family Association Picasa site. The Patriarchal blessing for Mary Webb Jarvis is included in the middle of the family blessings and can be seen at Patriarchal Blessing of Mary Webb Jarvis.

    Because Ann's feelings regarding George taking a second wife were well known, many are convinced that reports of a marriage to Mary Webb must be in error. I believe the following to be a reasonable explanation. Mary Webb had divorced her husband, Moses Badcock, and presumably had no wish to be sealed to him. Yet she alone could not be sealed to her children--children must be sealed to two parents. The Jarvis and Webb families were close--Amelia Jarvis married Mary's son William. A simple solution was therefore available. According to records from the St George Temple, Mary was sealed to George and her children were sealed to the two of them. Thus Mary Webb was able to be sealed to her children. To my knowledge, there is no evidence of George and Mary ever living together. The evidence seems to be that this was truly a "Celestial" marriage or sealing whose benefits would only come in the hereafter. See also Mary Webb. (Comments by Mark Jarvis)

  • Pearl Jarvis Augustus was the unofficial Jarvis family genealogist for many years. The following charts are based on her records.
    George and Ann Prior Jarvis Pedigree Chart (pdf format)
    George and Ann Prior Jarvis Ancestor Chart (pdf format)
    George and Ann Prior Jarvis Descendant Chart (pdf format)
    These are a pedigree and PAF-Companion ancestor and descendant charts displaying George Franklin and Ann Prior Jarvis and their ancestors (or descendants).

  • With the general availability of New Family Search, it is possible to make available additional charts based on information found there. Using information downloaded 3 August 2012 (date necessary as New Family Search data is subject to constant revision & update) a six generation ancestor fan chart produced by PAF Companion can be seen here:
    George and Ann Prior Jarvis six generation fan chart (pdf format)
    A nine generation ancestor fan chart can be seen here:
    George and Ann Prior Jarvis nine generation fan chart (pdf format)

  • Genealogy backup files for downlolad to local computers.
    The first two of the following backup files which can be downloaded to your computer are the "down-to-grandchildren" portion of Pearl Jarvis Augustus' genealogy files. Included are George and Ann's children and grandchildren, their spouses, and their ancestors.

    To download the following files, right-click a link below and choose "Save target as" or "Save link target as" from the pop-up menu.
    A PAF 5 backup file of George and Ann Prior Jarvis data.
    A Roots Magic backup file of George and Ann Prior Jarvis data.
    A PAF 5 backup file of a George and Ann Prior Jarvis nine generation download from NFS.
    A Roots Magic backup file of a George and Ann Prior Jarvis nine generation download from NFS.

    PAF 5 is the latest verson of Personal Ancestry File, a genealogy program that can be downloaded at no charge from Family History Products. Links to other popular genealogy programs, such as Roots Magic, are also available there.

  • Due to privacy considerations and to avoid publishing data on living persons, the Pearl Jarvis Augustus' Genealogy data published here was truncated after the grandchildren of George and Ann Prior Jarvis. If you would like a copy of the complete data, send your request to the address below. Three formats are available: a PAF 5 file, a PAF 5 backup file, and a GEDCOM file. GEDCOM is a text file format used internationally to exchange information between genealogy programs. Almost all genealogy programs can import GEDCOM data. Unfortunately, the GEDCOM files for the "down to grandchildren subset" and the complete Pearl Augustus file may be too big to email, as are the PAF files. If so, the files can be copied to a CD and mailed out, in which case a small donation to cover the cost of good quality media, packaging, and postage may be requested.

    Unforunately, Pearl Augustus' work contained very little data on the ancestors of the spouses of the direct Jarvis descendants. I am in the process of adding material for the George Fredrick line, but need submissions from the descendants of George and Ann's other children. Please, if you have any additions or corrections send them to:

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    Family Search
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  • Other sources of historical Information:
    Daughters of Utah Pioneers
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    Biographies and Autobiographies of Heber Charles and Asineth Jarvis Cottam and Their Ancestors

  • Again, I do not have anywhere near complete information on the grandchildren of George and Ann, let alone information on the collateral lines brought in by the grandchildren's spouses. Only with help from you family members, can this web site become a resource and central collection point for Jarvis family genealogy.

    Note: When a PAF database is built, each individual in it is assigned a unique numeric identifier, known as a Record Identification Number or RIN. That number is valid only within that PAF database (PAF file) and is not exported. Pearl Augustus' PAF file contained around 1100 source notes of the form "See Rin #___". Unfortunately, those RIN numbers do not survive export via GEDCOM. The work to replace references like this with copies of the referenced notes and useful pointers is now complete down through the grandchildren of George and Ann. -mj-