Two Letters from Catherine Prior
to her daughter,
Ann Prior Jarvis

Letter written December 9, 1862
Letter written July 23, 1863

December 9, 1862

Dear Son & Daughter,

I received your kind and affectionate letter with much pleasure, and were very happy to hear you were well and prosperous. We feel quite interested at the account you sent us of the country and think it is a very fine one by your description of it. It must be very nice to own your own wheat, cotton, and everything.

Dear son and daughter, you wish to know my age, I shall be 77 in February nineth, if I live so long a good age; for you likewise wish to know Margaret's name, it is Hills. She is very comfortable and sends her kind love to you all. Emma sends her love, she is doing a help aid, we can expect her love. Joseph is very good to her and is a great help. She is in no hurry to get a husband for good men are very scarce here. I can tell you it is a bad job that the war continues in America, as cotton of all kinds is so very dear we shall soon get none at all. Send the grape seed. Is this the wrong time of year?

You will be sorry to hear of the death of Ann your brother Samuel's wife, she died last February. She took in the morning and died at 6 at night. It is a great loss for now he is now on his passage home to England and pray that I may live to see him again.

Poor Mrs. Jackson has been living at Stephney Jansbury, at the time of her death and is buried here at Romford.

George's families are well and send their kind love. His niece comes and takes a copy of every letter I get from you. I let father get all the news and friends send kind love and good wishes.

I must now conclude with my kind love.

Believe me dear son and daughter,
your ever affectionate mother.


July 23, 1863

My Dear Son and Daughter,

I received your kind letter quite safe and was very glad to hear from you, for it is so long since I got your last letter, that I began to feel quite uneasy. I am thankful to hear you are safe over your confinement and well in health. I have been very ill with an abscess in my face, it is now getting better, thank God, but my eye is very weak.

I am sorry the likeness was so disfigured; it has Margaret's (?), she will send you another. She is quite well and sends her kind love to all.

Samuel is quite well and living with Margaret. He came home in April, he send his kind love to you all.

I saw George's sister lately they were all quite well, but his mother is getting very old like me, and unable to work. I believe his brother and family are going to New Zealand soon, they all send their kind love and good wishes.

I got the grape seed, but I do not know how to send then to you, but I will send a few with this letter. If I am spared the winter, I will send you some black grape seeds, these I send are white..

I hope you will write as often as you can an account of the war. I feel so uneasy though, I hope you are not near it.

I am very glad you have so many friends near you, it is a comfort. I must now conclude this letter with my kindest love to you all.

Believe me,
My dear daughter,
Your affectionate Mother

Catherine Prior